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ULTRAVERSE™ Climbing Wall Obstacle Course

…Set includes 6 HoopHolder™ Holds, 6 Rainbow® Deluxe Hoops (36" dia/91 cm), 6 RodHolder™ Holds, 6 Rods (19"L/48 cm), mounting bolts, and a climbing wall rules sign.

Starting at $389.00  

ULTRAVERSE™ Traverse Climbing Walls

Feature-packed climbing wall has a smooth top edge and a textured surface to give climbers the look and feel of a rock wall. The tan-colored "safety zone" at the bottom of the wall clearly shows climbers the boundary for safe placement of feet. Predrilled 3/4" thick x 4'W (2 cm thick x 1.20 m) panels…

Starting at $519.00  

Traverse Wall® Challenge Course

Versatile foam noodles fit into specially designed holds to form loops, lines, and starburst obstacles for students to climb over, under, around, and through. Place balls in the holds for added challenge and fun. Includes 30 foam noodles (six 72"L/1.85 m, ten 18"L/46 cm, fourteen 12"L/31 cm), 12…

Starting at $379.00  

RockBlocks™ Climbing Tunnel

Three-dimensional, rotomolded plastic climbing wall allows multiple students to climb, crawl, and play at the same time! Hand/foot holds are textured and won't turn to provide a great grip for enhanced safety. Powder-coated, heavy-duty steel support makes tunnel a safe way to play! Meets ASTM and CPSC…

Starting at $3999.00  

ULTRAVERSE™ Complete Climbing Solution™ Packages

…traverse climbing to their school quickly, easily, and affordably. Only Gopher offers you a 20'W (6.10 m) or 40'W (12.20 m) institutional-quality climbing wall system that includes everything you need plus these great features: Unique Panel Design. Choose between 4'W x 8'H (1.20 m x 2.45 m) or 4'W x 10'H…

Starting at $3649.00  

ULTRAVERSE™ Dimensional Rock Climbing Walls

Each textured 4'W x 8'H (1.20 m x 2.45 m) panel has rock-like protrusions for experienced users to traverse the wall, or use with standard holds for beginners/younger users. Each predrilled 3/4" (2 cm) thick panel includes 40 T-Nuts, mounting hardware, and holds. Available with or without our…

Starting at $2999.00  

ULTRAVERSE™ SafetyClose™ Mat System for Climbing Walls

See why our ULTRAVERSE™ SafetyClose™ Mat System is the best you can buy:* It's Versatile. Dual-duty system provides landing protection when down, prevents unsupervised climbing when secured across the wall.* It's Safe. Each 2" (5 cm) thick layered-foam mat is covered in tough 18 oz (510 g)…

Starting at $1449.00  

Worldtrail® Fitness System

Multistation system features step-by-step instructional signs that guide users through three different exercises at each station, each with options for beginner and advanced levels. The course combines cardiovascular conditioning with muscle strengthening and flexibility for comprehensive physical…

Starting at $439.00  
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